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Andres Sacco

Компания: TravelX

Andres Sacco has been working as a developer since 2007 in different languages including Java, PHP, NodeJs, and Android. Most of his background is in Java and the libraries or frameworks associated with this language. In most of the companies that he worked for, he researched new technologies to improve the performance, stability, and quality of the applications of each company. In 2017 he started to find new ways to optimize the transference of data between applications to reduce the cost of infrastructure. He suggested some actions, some of them applicable in all the manual microservices and others in just a few of them. All this work conclude with the creation of a series of theoric-practical projects which are available on the page of Manning.com He dictated some internal courses to different audiences like developers, business analysts, and commercial people. Also, he participates as a Technical Reviewer on the books of the editorials: Manning, Apress, and Packt.
  • 2022