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Yury Kupriyanov

Yury Kupriyanov

Company: Systems.Education

25 years in software development. Has experience as a programmer, an analyst, a team leader, a solution architect, a project manager, and a director of technology and products. Took part in projects in education, medicine, tourism, real estate, media, idea management, stock market, oil industry. 

Created systems for Russian top 3 banks, National Settlement Depository, Moscow Government. Yury has also been involved in EdTech projects since 2015: he launched and was product director of the Open Education national platform, Open School projects and (Construct Online Resources for Education). Worked as the architect of the University 2035 platform, managed the product development of the Moscow Electronic School. 

Best speaker at LAF 2022 and Analyst Days 2023 conferences.

Talks from 2023 season